PSI Catalogues Aggregator

This site brings together work and research done on a number of public sector information catalogues. These include the US raw and tool data catalogues at, UK's national catalogue at, and Australia's catalogue at The work is primarily divided into two parts, one constituting the initial RDF conversion, clean-up, and analysis of the catalogues, and the other a set of services for retrieving RDF records, correlating, and searching the catalogues.

The work on the catalogues started on January 9 2010. Since then there have been several changes to the contents/data formats of the originating portals, particularly at However, none of the data we host here is advertised for publication, and the URIs created are only used for piloting a real world scenario. It would be very tedious to readjust our data and URIs to changes whenever they occur.


This work is being undertaken in the wider context of the EnAKTing project. Primary contacts:

Christos L. Koumenides (developer)
Professor Nigel R. Shadbolt
Dr Manuel Salvadores